Chunyi Li

Chunyi Li

Changchun Sci-Tech University, China


Dr Li received his PhD from Medical School of University of Otago New Zealand on stem cells and antler regeneration in 1997, and subsequently was employed as a senior scientist by AgResearch New Zealand to further his research on antler biology. In 2019, he jointed Changchun Sci-Tech University and established Institute of Antler Science and Technology as the founding director. Through years of antler research, he came to realize that antlers are a fascinating biomedical research model. Annual renewal of antlers offers unique opportunities to explore how nature has solved the problem of mammalian organ regeneration. Unprecedented growth rate (up to 2 cm/day!) of antlers provides a rare system where fast cell proliferation is elegantly regulated without becoming cancerous. The autonomous self-differentiation ability of antler stem cells (from which an organ can form in a postnatal animal) can serve as an invaluable model for generic stem cell research. During the course of investigation, Dr Li has published over 130 papers in peer-reviewed SCI journals (mainly as the first or corresponding author), attended over 30 relevant conferences, and co-authored 4 books.

Research Interest

Stem Cell Research