Alena Kovaliuk

Clinic of Professor Yutskovskaya, Russian Federation

Title: Intradermal injections of trehalose products to improve skin quality: clinical observations


Background. Biorevitalization products containing hyaluronic acid and trehalose complex improve the quality of skin with xerosis, sagginess and post-acne syndrome.

Objective. Quantitative and qualitative assessment of changes in skin quality in terms of hydration and elasticity. Assessment of changes in skin profile with patients suffering from post-acne syndrome (hypotrophic scars). Evaluation of patient’s and physician’s satisfaction with results of biorevitalization course.

Material and methods. Thirty-nine volunteers aged 21 to 58 years took part in the study. The injections of hyaluronic acid and trehalose complex products were prescribed to patients suffering from age-related skin changes and post-acne syndrome. The injections were performed once a month. The course consisted of 3 injections. The examination included a volunteer questionnaire, photography, 3D diagnostics and evaluation of skin hydration and skin elasticity parameters. We used an assessment scale of post-acne scars to estimate changes in facial skin profile in patients with post-acne syndrome (hypotrophic scars). Instrumental diagnostics and assessment of changes were performed before the treatment and 4 months after the first injection. We used the GAIS (Global Aesthetic Improvement Scale), an international scale, to objectify the results of cosmetic procedures to evaluate patient’s and physician’s satisfaction with the results of the biorevitalization course. Results were fixed three times: 1 month after each injection procedure.

Results. A treatment course using hyaluronic acid and trehalose complex product was shown to improve skin hydration, its elasticity parameters and contributed to skin smoothing. No product-related allergic reactions were reported.

Conclusion. Hyaluronic acid and trehalose complex products improve skin characteristics such as hydration, elasticity and smoothness.


Alena Kovaliuk (Kislitsyna) is a dermatologist, cosmetologist of Clinic of Professor Yutskovskaya and lecturer of School of Professor Yutskovskaya in Moscow, Russia. Alena is interested in correcting age-related skin changes and searching for new techniques and combinations of methods in aesthetic medicine. She has published more than 20 articles in scientific magazines in Russia and foreign countries.