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Celia Luiza Petersen Vitello Kalil

Celia Luiza Petersen Vitello Kalil

Celia Kalil Dermatological Clinic , Brazil

Title: Short-term follow-up of a randomized controlled trial of microneedling followed by 5% or 0.5% 5-fluorouracil versus 5% or 0.5% 5-fluorouracil alone in actinic keratoses of the face


Topical 5-fluorouracil (5-FU) is used to treat actinic keratosis, although side effects limit treatment. Microneedling might be a tool for reducing treatment duration. In this randomized controlled trial, 44 patients with facial actinic keratoses (AKs) subjected to 1.0 mm microneedling on one side of the face were randomized into 5% 5-FU or 0.5% 5-FU groups for 3 days and 15 days on the contralateral side. Microneedling promoted 5-FU delivery at different concentrations (0.5% and 5%) for AKs treatment. Evaluations of efficacy and safety were conducted on days 21 and 111. There was no statiscally significant difference in clearance of AKs (P=0.025). Within the 5% 5-FU group, the side treated with 5% 5-FU alone had increased erythema, crust, and exfoliation compared with the side pretreated with microneedling (P=0.011). In conclusion, microneedling prior to topical 5% and 0.5% 5-FU delivery for 3 days was effective in the treatment of facial AKs and equivalent to 5% and 0.5% 5-FU alone for 15 days after 3 months of follow-up, reducing treatment time without losing efficacy and decreasing the discomfort in patients.


Celia Luiza Petersen Vitello Kalil, Director of the Dermatological Clinic Dr. Celia Kalil – Porto Alegre/RS/Brazil. She completed her PhD in Medical Sciences from the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil. Board-certified Dermatology Specialist by Brazilian Society of Dermatology and collaborating Professor at the Dermatology Service of the Federal University of Fronteira Sul - Passo Fundo/RS/Brazil.