Cesar Manuel Noval Font

University of Valencia, Spain

Title: Penis enlargement and thickening surgery. NEF technique: Results in 750 patients


Background and objective: Penis lengthening and thickening surgery is a technical challenge for the surgeon, since classical techniques have shown insufficient results for patients. Our objective is to present our experience in the develop of a reproducible technique that avoids the use of extensors and the complications of fat infiltration. 

Methods: Retrospective analysis of 750 cases of primary penis enlargement and thickening performed with the NEF (No Extenders No Fat) technique, analyzing the surgical technique, its results and complications. This technique is based on the creation of a skin advancement flap, together with a Scarpa fascia flap and a nano fat infiltrated at the deep fascia of the penis.

Results: Mean gain in length in the group of patients studied was 4.8 cm at rest with a spectrum from 2 to 8.1 cm. In thickening, the measurement reached an average increase of 1.17 cm (minimum of 0.5 and a maximum of 1.8 cm). 

Conclusions: Rates of patient satisfaction, complications and retouching in our group tell us about a surgery that improves previous more invasive techniques with a higher rate of complications. Psychological support and professional pre-surgery help is imperative and should be offered especially in those cases of dysmorphophobia. Pre and postoperative work is essential in these patients. Getting patients with real expectations is the first barrier we must overcome. Only when the patient has understood the surgery and its results, should we move towards it.