Engy Abd El-Hamid El-Azhary

Engy Abd El-Hamid El-Azhary

Ministry of Health Hospitals, Egypt

Title: Scars


Scars are the complaint of every individual person, either it lowers his self-esteem, self-confidence being cosmetic disfigurement that causes psychological distress or it may affect his movement and quality of life up to disability. That is why doctors all over world try new techniques every day in favor to help patients with scars in restoring skin functions and cosmetic shape as much as possible. In order to help patients professionally we must study the pathogenesis of scarring and how to treat the defect occurred. There are many causes of scars resulting in different shapes and types of scars. For each individual scar some keys in its treatment and so according to the patient life style. Many factors affect scars causes and shapes, so treatment options are very wide range as a trial to cover most of scars and patients. Every day there is a new trial of different substance, techniques or even combination of two known treatments to assess whether it will help or not. In this presentation I have tried to sum up all of these points briefly with the most recent documented successful treatments according to each type and cause of a scar. Also, I have shared photos of some of my patients using different treatment modalities aiming to share knowledge with my colleagues and get back benefits of helping patients all over the world for a better life.


Engy Abd El-Hamid El-Azhary completed her MBBCH degree of General Medicine and Surgery, Kasr Alaini Faculty of Medicine, Cairo University, Cairo, Egypt. Now she currently pursuing her final semester in Master degree of Dermatology at Al-azhar University for Girls, Cairo, Egypt. Working as a dermatologist at Ministry of Health Hospitals, Cairo, Egypt. She had 2 publications that have been cited over 300. She been serving as an editorial board member of an article in reputed journal.