Isadora Rosan

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title: Skin revitalization with intradermal hyaluronan hybrid cooperative complexes: What to expect?


Hyaluronic acid (HA) based dermal fillers are widely used for aesthetic purposes. Recently, a new class of HA formulation, with hybrid cooperative complexes (HCC, Profhilo®, IBSA Pharmaceuticals) was developed. In place of the “filling” effect of the classic crosslinked with 1,4 butandiolediglycidylether (BDDE) gel, this product is intended for the injection into more superficial (intradermal) skin layers, improving skin hydration and elasticity. The positive aesthetic effect is due to biochemical changes and tissue remodeling, in place of the conventional volumetric augmentation. Initially, the this formulation was proposed to treat face and neck rejuvenation global, however, different specific uses are being studied. In this presentation, we will discuss 3 cases of periocular wrinkles treated with HCC. I will demonstrate their aesthetic results, their self-evaluation and evolution, including adverse effects and how they were managed.


Isadora Rosan is a Brazilian board certified dermatologist, graduated and post graduated at São Paulo University. She has been serving as an editorial reviewer of several journals