Maria Caro Campana

Institute of Dermatologic and Regenerative Sciences, Italy

Title: Customer satisfaction: Topic system and drink supplements


The fi­eld of aesthetic medicine is expanding dramatically and new non-invasive alternatives are being sought. In this paper we present a customer satisfaction report of a topic treatment (peeling and other anti-aging substances) combined with supplements drinks. The topical system used was a mixture of acids (chemical peeling) with anti-ageing and moisturizing substances. Chemical peeling is one of the most widespread methods in this sector. In this case, we use one based on trichloroacetic acid (TCA) and alpha-hydroxy acids (AHAs), mandelic, lactic and malic acids. To enhance its effects, and to propose an alternative treatment, we included specifi­c supplements to protect, repair, improve and balance the skin from the inside. There is little literature on the power of supplements to treat skin, and even less of them in combination with other treatments. So, in addition, we evaluate the possible synergy between a chemical peeling and the boosting effect of supplements to enhance the revitalizing effects from the inside out. We divide two groups of female patients, one group we perform the ectopic treatment, the other group we also add the beauty drinks. Then, a satisfaction questionnaire was carried out. While both groups were satisfied with the results. A sharp difference in satisfaction was seen in the group that combined both treatments. They stated that the effects on the skin were maintained for a longer period of time. This could give an indication of the extra boost that taking specific food supplements can give to overall skin care and perceived well-being.