Virtual Conference
Nitika Deshmukh Wagh

Nitika Deshmukh Wagh

Deenanath Mangeshkar Hospital and Research Centre, India

Title: Trichoscopic evaluation in various types of alopecia


Trichoscopy is a non-invasive tool used to diagnose various kinds of cicatricial and non-cicatricial alopecias. Although scalp biopsy is the ultimate method to confirm disorders pertaining to scalp, trichoscopy can be a guiding tool for narrowing down the differentials, judging the prognosis and also to manage the disease condition appropriately. There are typical trichoscopic signs which may be specific to each and every type of hair loss disorder. Trichoscopic observations can be broadly grouped as hair signs, vascular patterns, pigment patterns and interfollicular patterns. It not only diagnoses scalp disorders, but it also has the potential for obviating the need of unnecessary biopsies and when a biopsy is still needed it is helpful in choosing an ideal biopsy site. Trichoscopy has its own set of advantages. It is a handy instrument and helps analyze and visualize a larger surface area in a short time. It helps easy documentation, digital record keeping and we can also check the progress in each subsequent visit of patient. To conclude, trichoscopy is an excellent bedside tool for a dermatologist and through this talk I would like to discuss upon various unique trichoscopic features which are peculiar to various kinds of alopecias.


Dr Nitika Deshmukh Wagh (MBBS.MD – dermatology, venereology and leprology) has been practicing dermatology since past 10 years. She has done her MD (Dermatology) from the prestigious B.J. Government medical college, Pune which is one of the top 10 medical colleges in India. She has passed her masters with a gold medal under Maharashtra University of health sciences (state level). She has 7 medals to her credit during her MBBS tenure. Till date she has 50 national and international publications. Won the prestigious EADV Imrich Sarkany scholarship in year 2021.