Peter Muz

APDerm Adult & Pediatric Dermatology, United States

Title: Unique treatment for alopecia areata combining epinephrine with an intralesional steroid


Alopecia areata (AA) is an autoimmune disorder characterized by well-demarcated patches of hair loss with preservation of the hair follicle (HF). It generally is a nonscarring alopecia that can be extensive and refractory to treatment. We propose modification to an already widely used first-line treatment by diluting intralesional triamcinolone acetonide (ILTA) to 2.5 mg/mL in 1% lidocaine and epinephrine 1:100,000 in place of normal saline (NS). Our 2 cases of severe AA are among many in our practice that responded with seemingly permanent hair regrowth using this novel combination regimen. We hypothesize that local vasoconstriction due to epinephrine potentiates the ILTA and that epinephrine also may play an independent role.


Peter Muz joined Adult & Pediatric Dermatology, PC in 2013. After graduating from Williams College, he completed medical school at Wayne State University in Detroit in 1990, and later completed a residency in internal medicine at Boston University Medical Center. He then received a National Research Service Award to perform basic science research at Boston University’s Department of Dermatology. Subsequently, he completed a dermatology residency at the Boston University and Tufts University joint program.

Peter Muz, MD received board certification in dermatology in 1997 and has been practicing in Massachusetts since then. He also maintains a faculty position with the Boston University Medical Center. Peter’s approach is holistic, comprehensive and customized. Every person and problem is unique and will work with the patient, or other healthcare providers and (if necessary) family for the best and most effective treatment in a compassionate and accepting environment. 

Muz’s hobbies include nature, the outdoors, spending time with his family, music, art, theatre, and to travel. He is a film buff and a longtime practitioner of Zen.