Ryusuke Suzuki

Mother Earth Solutions Co., Ltd, Japan

Title: Clinical evaluation after introduction of stem cell supernatant biocell shot 65 by electroporation


Objectives: The objective of this study is clinical evaluation after introduction of stem cell supernatant Biocell Shot 65 by electroporation.
Background: There is a clinical report of psoriasis treatment by umbilical cord blood-derived stem cells, in which there was a beneficial result. We suppose that the supernatant has the esthetic effect of improving skin condition, thus, we planned to make a clinical evaluation. However, it is difficult to set judgement criteria, and human judgement tends to be subjective. Therefore, in this study, as a new clinical evaluator, we used an AI skin diagnostic device with learning function.
Methods: Stem cell culture supernatant Biocell Shot 65 was used as an introduction solution. After it was applied to the full faces of four patients, electroporation with BeBe pinocchio DM-5 SUPER DX Plus promoted infiltration deep in the keratinized layer. The patients were all healthy women in their forties. This procedure was performed every two weeks for three months. Wrinkles, fine lines around eyes, stains, pores, and 4V, which is considered as one diagnostic criteria, were evaluated at baseline and after each procedure with the skin diagnostic device HiMirror-Professional. 
Results: In all four patients, 4V did not change remarkably. The mean values of all the patients were plotted and compared before and after each procedure, there was a trend toward improvements after the fifth procedure. 
Conclusion: In addition to application of supernatant culture to the skin, introduction of the solution to the skin by electroporation might improve stains, wrinkles, and pores. Our evaluation was performed with a facial diagnostic device during three months after the start of the procedure.


Ryusuke Suzuki has completed his PHD at the age of 28 years from Kitasato University, USA. He was the visiting researcher of R&D Center for Artificial Skin, School of Allied Health Sciences, Kitasato University, Japan. He has over 10 publications. He is the president of SHEM Co., Ltd. He is an advisor to more than 20 pharmaceutical, cosmetics and health equipment manufacturers, helping to develop new products.