Shivani Moudgil

SGL Charitable Hospital, India

Title: Secondary dermatoses over scars and striae - A phenomenon replete with miscellaneous terms indicating dysregulated immunity


The present study is a retrospective review of 10 consecutive patients with scars or striae as primary skin condition with an overlying unrelated secondary dermatosis. Multiple theories have been put forward to explain the pathomechanism involved in sectoral immune destabilization. Local immunosuppression, altered microcirculation, collagen rearrangement, and an incomplete skin barrier within the scar and striae increases the risk of invasion by pathogens or lead to various  inflammatory or neoplastic conditions. Similarly multiple terms like locus minoris resistentiae , isomorphic phenomenon, Wolf’s  isotopic response, Ruocco’s immunocompromised district indicate more or less the same sectoral immune dysregulation. However, Ruocco’s Immunocompromised cutaneous district, gives a false impression of compromised immunity in that region which is not the case. We feel and propose that such locoregional  aberrant immune phenomena following a primary event should  more aptly be described as ‘Immune dysregulated district’ (IDD) rather than ‘immunocompromised cutaneous district’ for the sake of accuracy.


Dr. Shivani Moudgil has completed her post-graduation at the age of 29 from the premier institute PGIMER Chandigarh India. She is currently working as Consultant Dermatologist at SGL Charitable Hospitals in the state of Punjab, India. Her research in the field of Pediatric Psoriasis has been published in the specialty’s leading journal -Journal of American Academy of Dermatology (JAAD). She has participated in British Association of Dermatology (BAD) International Conference 2019 as a speaker. She is an active member of Association of Cutaneous Surgeons of India and Indian Association of Dermatologists and venereologists . She has reviewed articles for Clinical and Experimental Dermatology (CED) and Indian Dermatology Online Journal (IDOJ).