Dermatology Conference 2024
Yuliya Valerievna Kudrevich

South Ural State Medical University, Russian Federation

The conference was very comfortable, the organizers did an excellent job, I was pleased with the certificate and a commemorative figurine. Comfortable conference hall, comfortable hotel accommodation. Thank you very much. 

Dermatology Conference 2024
Ashtar Abu Kariem

DHA Medical Intern, Private Sector, UAE

Thank you so much for being kind enough and thank you for having me at the Scientex conference it been a wonderful experience for me and there is excellent management and they are highly efficient and they are very coordinated and I thought it was wonderful that it was so international and every single continent you could be possible to think of was included. Thank you for all.

Dermatology Conference 2024
Olga I Patsap

Federal Center for Brain and Neurotechnologies, Russian Federation

Hello!! My colleague Tatiana Gaydina and I are grateful for this amazing conference, amazing every parts. We had a great time here and thank you very much and we are looking forward to meet you again in next year.

Dermatology Conference 2024
Nino Tsamalaidze

Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

Hello everyone this is my first time to take a part here as a speaker in Dubai. Really, it’s a huge experience for me and all participants was so great and thank you so much for all of teams, organizer for this interesting and such a wonderful session this year and I hope that every year If I can, I will come and take part to these conferences. 

Liza Mkhitaryan
Liza Mkhitaryan

Clinica Mona Lisa, Spain

Hi everyone i am Dr. Liza Mkhitaryan we are in Scientex Conference in Dubai here we find excellent speakers and very great high level of conference hope to see you in 2024. 

Dermatology Conference 2024
Oxana Chernenko

Clinic of Professor Yutskovskaya, Russian Federation

Thank you for this experience it was very interesting for me it was my first conference in English abroad not in Russia and I think it was great and I want to say thank you to the organizer that they follow step by step my road to this country and other moments. Thank you so much and I hope to visit this conference in next year