Ana Beatriz Silva Lima

University of Sao Paulo, Brazil

Title: Flame hair: Auxiliary trichoscopic finding in radiotherapy-induced alopecia


Radiotherapy-induced alopecia (RIA) is characterized by an acute anagen effluvium (AE) caused by intense damage to the hair follicle. It may be temporary or permanent, depending on the radiation dose. The diagnosis is based on clinical history and dermatologic exam with trichoscopy being auxiliary the presence of flame hair. The presence of flame hairs (FHs) is a valuable finding in the diagnosis of anagen effluvium (AE) secondary to radiotherapy. FH is the most characteristic conformation observed in the trichoscopy of AE. We present a case of AE induced by radiotherapy emphasizing the trichoscopic findings and the most relevant clinical aspects in this type of alopecia.


Ana Beatriz has completed dermatology specialization at the age of 27 years from University of Sao Paulo. She is dermatology professor and works in a clinical dermatology center in Terezina, Piauí.