Virtual Conference

Judith Hellman

Private Practice, USA

Title: Inmode boost – A synergistic effective for anti-aging facial rejuvenation treatment powered multiple technologies on a single platform


The pursuit of effective and comprehensive anti-aging facial treatments has led to the development of novel combination therapies using various technologies. A synergistic approach by integrating non-invasive bipolar radiofrequency (RF), fractional RF, and intense pulsed light (IPL) on a single platform, has been developed to address the increasing demands of facial aging issues which comprised of multiple factors in the skin and adipose tissues. This combination treatment aims to achieve dermal and subdermal coagulation and remodeling, as well as the clearance of unwanted pigmentation and vascular lesions caused by photoaging. The Forma applicator enables continuous bipolar RF energy delivery while ensuring automatic thermal monitoring and control. This allows physicians to safely and non-invasively administer controlled thermal stimulation to the epidermis and dermis, thereby promoting neocollagenesis and elastin formation. Morpheus 8, utilizing silicon-coated microneedles, directly delivers RF energy to the skin tissue at programmable treatment depths (ranging from 0.5mm to 7mm) in a fractional manner. This treatment induces micro-injury within the dermal or subdermal layers through a triple action of ablation, coagulation and bulk heating. Consequently, it stimulates new collagen and elastin synthesis, resulting in  thicker, smooth skin and deep tightening effects. By combining these technologies, a comprehensive approach to facial rejuvenation is achieved, targeting multiple layers of the skin. Additionally, the integration of Lumecca applicator, an intense pulsed light technology, optimizes the energy distribution along the electromagnetic spectrum. This optimization facilitates efficient absorption of light energy by melanin and hemoglobin present in pigmented and vascular lesions. As a result, the treatment yields significant clearance of unwanted pigmentation and blood vessels within 1-2 treatment sessions. This combination treatment offers a promising solution for anti-aging facial rejuvenation, taking advantage of the synergistic effects of bipolar RF, fractional RF, and IPL technologies. The comprehensive approach, addressing different aspects of aging skin, provides a valuable option for patients seeking effective and efficient facial treatments.


Dr. Judith Hellman is an Associate Clinical Professor at Mount Sinai. A board-certified dermatologist, Dr. Hellman practices medical dermatology, and also specializes in laser surgery, anti-aging skin treatments and dermatologic surgery. She received her B.A. Magna Cum Laude from Boston’s Berklee College of Music. An accomplished musician, she decided to switch gears and pursue a medical career.

After graduating, she went on to complete her premedical training at Wellesley College, where she was on the Dean’s List. Subsequently she attended the Mount Sinai School of Medicine in New York City and received her MD in 1989. After an internship in internal medicine at New York’s Beth Israel Medical Center, she completed her residency in Dermatology at SUNY Stony Brook, where she was selected as chief resident in dermatology. From 1992, Dr. Hellman spent several years training in the surgical treatment of skin cancers and in the use of lasers for various skin conditions at the prestigious Long Island Laser Cosmedi Center.

"I find Dermatology personally gratifying because I come in contact with many people on a daily basis, which I enjoy tremendously,” says Dr. Hellman. “It also allows me to utilize the fine motor skills which I developed during my musical training in performing aesthetic and surgical procedures of all kinds. I especially enjoy helping my patients improve their appearance in relatively short periods of time, boosting their self-esteem, and giving them the confidence, they need to feel that they can go out and conquer the world. This is the greatest gratification for a physician."

Dr. Hellman has been in private practice in New York City since 1993. She is fluent in English, Hebrew and Hungarian. She is a fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, American Society for Laser Surgery and Medicine, Dermatologic Society of Greater New York and others. She is affiliated with the Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York, and has been a guest on various radio and TV programs as well as interviewed in a variety of magazines on medical and cosmetic dermatology topics.