Julieta Tsotskhalashvili

Pablo Blau , Singapore

Title: Emerging trend of alternative medicine in cosmetology and dermatology (Role of salt therapy)


The positive effect of salt therapy are widely recognised in skin care. I analyse new patients' skin on skin analyser. Measurement was done in pore enlargement, wrinkle depth, and impurity level. Then I made analyse after they had 5-7 sessions of body treatment in salt rooms (no facials, injections or device procedures was done on face) Compare the results.


Julieta Tsotskhalashvili has graduated Tbilisi State Medical University Faculty of Medicine in Georgia. Then she continued studying in a residency program in dermatology-venereology in Georgia and got an MD degree. Has multiple years of experience diagnosing and treating a variety of skin conditions. Certified in aesthetic medicine and experienced in injections. Participant of international and local medical conferences. Author of scientific research and articles. Member of Georgian Dermatology Association. She was invited by Pablo Blau Singapore to work as a dermatologist.