Virtual Conference

Nino Tsamalaidze

Tbilisi State Medical University, Georgia

Title: Upper eyelid non-surgical blepharoplasty with the novel plasma radio frequency ablation


As with any surgical procedures, the technique is not free from complications. The growing request for non-invasive, effective procedures, and safe technology for aesthetic treatments of eyelids has implied the research for novel treatment strategies marked by a good efficacy and less collateral effects when compared to surgical procedures. The choice fell on the relatively recent plasma skin regeneration technique. The aim of this study is to evaluate the effectiveness of plasma radiofrequency ablation in non-surgical blepharoplast.


Nino Tsamalaidze is a medical doctor of dermatology and venerology and aesthetics medicine from Tbilisi, Georgia. She is graduated from Tbilisi State Medical University of Georgia in 2003 and she has 14 years of experience in injections and aesthetic medicine. She is pursuing residency in dermatology and venereology.