Virtual Conference

Sara M. Abd Elazeem

Private Practice, United Arab Emirates

Title: Psoriasis and sexual dysfunction in females


Background: Psoriasis has a significant impact on quality of life (QoL). Sexual life can also be affected, with sexual dysfunction being reported by 25-70% of patients.

Objective: The aim of the present study was to analyze the impact of psoriasis on sexual function in Egyptian women.

Subjects and methods: A case-control study was performed with a convenience sample of 300 participants consisting of patients with a diagnosis of psoriasis (psoriasis group) treated at psoriasis unite, Al-Houd Al-Marsoud hospital, and healthy volunteers (healthy control group).

Results: the results revealed that the mean score for females with genital lesion was 12.4±5.03, the mean score for psoriatic females without genital lesion is 15.3±5.8, and there is statistically significant difference as p-value = 0.003, Also we demonstrated that the overall scale of female sexual function index (FSFI) except satisfaction is lowered in females with genital lesion than those who don‘t have.

Conclusion: Psoriasis is a stigmatizing disease that impairs quality of life and harms self-esteem through its effect on social relationships and self-perception, with a negative impact on physical, mental, and sexual health, the high prevalence of sexual dysfunction in our patients highlights the need for a more comprehensive approach to the health of women with psoriasis, beyond assessment of their skin condition and the extent of the disease, including other QoL issues and specifically sexual function.