Track: Trichology and Hair Transplantation

Trichology and Hair Transplantation


Trichology is concerned with hair and scalp problems. It includes research on conditions affecting the human scalp and hair, as well as evaluations of their causes and remedies. Women who experience hair loss are more likely to have PCOS, a hormonal imbalance that can lead to irregular menstruation, acne, and weight gain.

Hair Transplantation is a procedure done by dermatological surgeon to move hair to a bald area of the head. Two type of transplant procedures are followed which is slit grafts and micrograft’s. The techniques used to obtain follicles for transplantation is follicular unit transplantation (FUT) and follicular unit extraction (FUE)  

·         Scarring Alopecia
·         Excessive Hair Growth
·         Hair Shedding
·         Pattern Baldness
·         FUT and FUE
·         Complications associated with a hair transplant